I was  born in Rhodesia in 1942 and started singing lessons at the age of fifteen with  Dorothy van Essen, a diploma pupil of the famous Blanche Marchesi.  Later I joined her contemporary in the Marchesi method,  Bruna Maclean, in London and after some time returned to South Africa to continue lessons with Dorothy who had by then moved to Johannesburg.   After that most of my vocal training took place in Rhodesia but I put dedicated work into teaching myself technique, through pracitsing, recording, listening, reading.

Numerous vocal awards in local eisteddfods gave me a reputation and I began to be in demand for lessons so I opened my own studio.   It was a thriving practise and a thrill to give a good vocal foundation to singers.   (See Testimonials)

In 1992 I attained my Licenciate of the Royal Schools of Music (Performers)


 The Merry Widow 1984                                                                                "Mabel" in Pirates of Penzance in 1972



"Lola"  in Cavalleria Rustican in 1972

(Right)In concert with Paul Bourdillon (Clarinet) and Paul Colman (Piano)



The Principal Boy in Cinderella Pantomime 1974


Winn ing awards in the Harare A4rts Festival with Neil Chapman (accompanist) in 1984 (one award was 100% for theMahler song "Ich Bin Der Welt Abhanden Gekommen - and the adjuciator was Reinhart von Gutzeit from Germany)



 Mabel in Pirates of Penzance 1987




                                                                                                                                                                                                            The Merry Widow with Glylim Evans 1974

The cast of Marriage of Figaro (Lorna – Countess on left) 1971

Listen and watch - YouTube link (more below)

“Down By The Sally Gardens” - Guerney

“Lo Delaisado” (Songs of the Auvergne)

“Love's Philosophy” - Quilter

“Du Bist Wie Eine Blume” - Schumann


Career within Zimbabwe



Marriage of Figaro (Countess)

Cavalaria Rusticano (Lola)

Operetta - Some links :


Recital Concert Repertoire

Soloist in Oratorio and other choral/orchestral works

Concerts outside Zimbabwe

1987  Recital in Malawi at French Cultural Centre

1991 Invitation to sing with Bochum Youth Orchestra, Germany.
recitals at Hause Herbede in Obstbaumen, Witten ( and at Bochum School of Music with Sue Garnett of Zimbabwe, accompanist.

Opera Concert with Bochum Youth Orchestra - (Excerpt) The Gypsy Baron -

                                                                                        " Casta Diva "-

Recital at Hause Herbede in Obstbaumen, Witten  with Sue Garnett at the piano

recitals at Hause Herbede in Obstbaumen, Witten

1992 Cultural Exchange recital tour in Bulgaria and live broadcast in Sophia
1994 Mahler Fourth – soprano with National Symphony Orchestra of Johannesburg, conducted by  guest conductor, George Hanson of Tucson Symphony Orchestra USA and televised live over South Africa.  *  "Das Himmlische Leben" -

1995 Lusaka Zambia, Mozart concert

1997 Recital Tour of South Africa (Port Elizabeth, East London, Grahamstown, Durban ) (

1999/2000 Guest Recitals at Principia College, Elsa, Illinois, USA

Miscellaneous musical activities:

Numerous weddings, funerals, corporate functions, restaurants (self accompanying and vocalising popular songs and light piano pieces)

2000 Hifa Festival Harare - Song recital of Richard Strauss

2002 Hifa Festival Harare - Partook in David Fanshaw's "African Sanctus"

2003 - 2007 Teaching and performing in Zimbabwe


2007 - 2009 Moved to the UK for 3 year period.  Worked as a Carer but was able to join a choir, start up a ladies vocal ensemble and teach.

Put on several concerts in Hove as well as performed recitals for Sussex Musicians and Saint Nicholas lunch hour concerts in Brighton.


Oct 2009- to present time - moved back to Harare and reopened my studio.   Participated in the local Eisteddfod for last two years gaining honours in every entry and did a recital of Italian songs with visiting tenor Ivan Nadalet and Italian pianist Lucio Del Vescovo : See Youtube - type in Amarosi, Lorna Kelly (Channel name "lornabegbie" and related clips.