Voice is Spiritual

This may seem a strange heading but for me its an important aspect.   I have been helped so much by thinking of my individual voice as a  colour in the Divine Rainbow.

Everyone has a unique voice, a unique timbre belonging to that person alone, and there is no ways it can be copied.   Its like our DNA or finger print - our own identity of Who We Are.

Knowing this has freed me from stage fright and fear of performing because if my voice is part of the Divine Creation, it has to be supported and maintained by that Mind which gave it its identity.   Many times when I have been really ill, I have carried on performing.  I once sang the Verdi Requiem with a temperature of 101 degrees, full of flu, but there was no understudy and I just thought of the piece of music being complete, supported by Mind and that my voice did not belong to me or originate in me.  I was merely reflecting my unique hue, my colour in the Divine Rainbow.  I knew that everyone in the concert was expressing Spiritual harmony and that there could not be a gap or flaw in that concept.  That concert was one of my best ever.

Fear and insecurity can affect our voices.  We have to be physically and mentally prepared and not shirk our work and practising.  But having a spiritual concept of Voice takes us into a realm where fright and nerves cannot touch us.   I had my fair share of nerves, believe you me, and I tried all the deep breathing techniques and meditation, which certainly help, but those techniques are something you apply for the moment.  In recognising one's voice as originating in Spirit, you have that Truth with you always, wherever you are, and if you have to suddenly step into someone's vocal shoes, with that Truth in your heart, you are able to deliver.  

Once, when I was the soprano in a performance of The Messiah and the tenor (who was really great) got ill,  I had to take over, as there was not another tenor to be had at short notice.   Knowing my voice was spiritual helped me to deliver a performance which had a rave write-up but the reward was in the knowing that my voice did not originate in me, I am just a vehicle for its expression. 

Nerves and stage fright are a belief that we are "alone" on the stage.   Try thinking of it like this, add another "l"......"I am "All One" with my Creator therefore I can only deliver a perfect performance"!  Once you have aligned yourself with the All Power, the responsibility is not yours - you are merely responding to your unique ability to do what you were meant to do!